cheating Boyfriend

Boyfriend cheating on me

1. A lot of talk about how other girls are after him. "Oh, she's so stupid, sorry for her"

2. Never show the phone.

3. Jealousy may be charming, but if it is completely unjustified, it is probably because he himself did wrong.

4. Mood swings. Sour and jealous one day, but after he left one night "and slept at home" he is super happy.

5. Check your mobile. "Ah, who's that?"

6. Confirmation needs, you do not care enough about him and yours and the date.

Finally. Trust your stomach feeling. Ask the girl better to get it black on white, because your guy will never admit it himself (because he's probably a coward). The girl / girls whom he has been cheating on often knows this. He will hate you for it, he will probably say that the girl in question "is so fond of him and just wants to destroy". Why would HON lie? What's classic, on the other hand, is that she lies and says they did not do anything, hoping the guy should say "Thank you, you're an angel, I'll finish her soon." So damn true if you think about it. The likelihood that a girl finds that they've been doing a guy's fan is so much lower than a guy's cheating.

How many people find out that you're having a guy? Think the number is badly low. Time to open your eyes. Edit: Clearly there are girls who are of the same scrap and grain. Edit again: This was not an entry aimed at guys, but about infidelity, a reaction to something self-perceived. Because I'm hot, it became "he". Replace him against her in the head, easily.