cheating on facebook and flirting

Cheating on facebook

Dangerous flirt on Facebook

Flirting text and contact with old love books on Facebook. What is an innocent contact and when does it become infidelity?
"Married flirtors should think about why they seek confirmation from others," says Hanna Möllås, sexologist who lectures on religion and sexuality.

Where is the limit of flirting and Cheating on facebook? The social media have created completely new opportunities for contact. Time and space do not limit us anymore, but it's easy to find the girlfriend from college, youth walk or friend who moved abroad. But it's okay to send sms to an old love, or colleague, or to chat with old boy and girlfriends On Facebook without even knowing about it?

- What you can not tell openly about your partner is in the border country. I want my husband to be able to get into all contexts where I am, but it does in some way feel embarrassing, "says Hanna Möllås.
Hanna Möllås is midwife and clinical sexologist, among others at the University of Jönköping. She has difficulty seeing flirt just like a fun game. In her work, she has met too many people who have misinterpreted the signals. "Infidelity is not only limited to the body, it is also about the responsibility for the common home, the children and the partner," she says. "Time is not enough for everything. If you say that the phone messages, the Facebook comments and the chat do not mean anything; Why do not you stop then?
Hanna Möllås believes that the new media invoke us in fake security, it's easy to lose integrity when Facebook messages are written on the laptop at the dining table while the children are eating or via the iPhone in front of the TV. "The computer does not respond directly to what we write," she said, but if in real life we ​​drop too private or flirting comments, we will look at the recipient if it is inappropriate.

Certainly one can be happy for a compliment even if you are in a relationship, but the boundaries must be clear. "Marriage as flirting should think about why they seek confirmation from others. Perhaps it would be better if they flirted with their own partner instead.
But worth remembering is of course that all the funny comments and gratifying greetings between friends are obviously not invited to sex, nor should they be interpreted as such.

- But it is not possible to say there is a clear limit for allowed flirting. What for a person is a fun game can be interpreted by another as a sexual invitation. The motive is the most important. Why do I flirt? Hanna Möllås also believes that if you are a flirting person, and seeing that the recipient feels bad, you must take responsibility. Playing with the feelings of others is hurtful and few people want to consciously hurt others.
Facts: Unbelief often something that is repeated
When the dating site conducted a survey among singles about what was mainly asked for by a prospective partner, faithfulness in third place ended up for honesty and good communication.
Nevertheless, another survey conducted by Aftonbladet 2005 shows that more than half of Sweden's population is unfaithful. 55 percent of respondents and 53 percent of men have ever been unfaithful. It is certainly six years old, but the numbers have probably not changed significantly.
According to the survey, three out of four had also been unfaithful repeatedly. The most common reason was "temporary attraction". The men usually had business with unknown, temporary connections, while the women were more unfaithful with coworkers or old friends. The most tragic in the statistics is that once upon a time the one who has been unfaithful often is again.